Dimitri Vantomme builds a karaoke bar to trendy eetzaak

ca9000eb8fdc8a099fbb11b64892910d - Dimitri Vantomme builds a karaoke bar to trendy eetzaak

Napoleon, the most well-known karaoke bar in Antwerp and far beyond, this summer is sixty years of age. In this diamond jubilee with a lot of bells and whistles to be celebrated, but Miss Corona has, at the time it was a small stick to put into it. The compulsory closing hour, which, in combination with a great sun terrace on the Market square, gave the owner, Dimitri Vantomme, the idea is to be Constructive in order to turn it into a trendy lunch, a drink and a dinner experience.

It is, after all, in the tradition of, in this case, if at all, from appearance to change. For the ‘the Quiet’ is a popular danscafe it was, it was in the mid-sixties of the last century, such as the Grand Café. Not too long after, it became a tavern and, later, a dance hall, until it was in the mid – ’90s has grown into one of the most famous karaoke bars in the country.

Like many of the other restaurants and pubs, make Quiet so, a virtue of necessity and to meet it with a whole new concept. The interior is also modified, and there is an experienced chef, drawn to the outdoor terrace, really cozy Later, with a lot of colors, lots of plants, lanterns, and beautiful beach umbrellas. This week will be the first items served in: small, tapas, soups, and hot and cold rooms. Over time, the map will be expanded. There will also be a new drinks can be found on the map below.