Fathi increased the margin to three for FC Barcelona at Villarreal

84ac2c15040e946864f5d6146d2de584 - Fathi increased the margin to three for FC Barcelona at Villarreal

Fathi increased the margin to three for FC Barcelona at Villarreal

05, 2020 at 13:50
05-07-20 13:50
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the most important games in the European top leagues.

  • LIVE:
  • Villarreal-FC Barcelona 1-4
  • Results:
  • Athletic Club-Real Madrid 0-1
  • Inter-Bologna 1-2
  • Liverpool-Aston Villa 2-0
  • Cagliari-Atalanta 0-1
  • Southampton-Manchester City 1-0
  • Napoli-AS Roma 2-1

Villarreal-FC Barcelona · one-minute-ago –87′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-4

There is, however, still to 1-4 in favour of FC Barcelona. As Ansu Fathi goes on an adventure with the ball in hand and shoot ‘m in is quite simple in the short corner, out of the reach of the Villarreal goalkeeper Asenjo.Napoli-AS Roma · 5 hours ago

This gives Roma’s third defeat in a row
This informs a delicate touch to the Roma Justin Kluivert in the battle for European football. The team of coach Gennaro Gattuso to win 2-1, and will deliver to the Romans, this is the third defeat in a row in the competition. Lorenzo’s Badge makes up the winning goal by passing the ball nicely into the junction of curls. With AS Roma and will be basisklant, Justin Kluivert and after 66 minutes to changed.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 15-minute geleden71′ Goal is disallowed! The goal of Both Sides is not true. After seeing the footage, cross the VAR, and a rod for the 1-4 FC Barcelona against Villarreal, because of Arturo Vidal, in the run-up to the hit, at least in an offside it would have been. Gerard Pique is not happy with the decision and with the theater and the gestures of his displeasure known.Napoli-AS Roma · 18 minutes ago –82′ GOAL in a Napoli! 2-1

This will do it! And how! Lorenzo’s Badge is curled the ball is a fantastic way of the cross. What a great goal from the Italian left.An 18-minute geledenNapoli-AS Roma · 18 hours ago

This-year-old Gennaro Gattuso, and encourages his men, once again, for the last ten minutes of the game against AS Roma. Will there be a winner in Naples?Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 19 hours agowith 69′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-4

After two assists in the tournament picks up with Lionel Messi finally got his goal for FC Barcelona. The Argentine maestro is tap the close up of the ball from Sergi Roberto, very simple the inside.Napoli-AS Roma · 40 minutes ago there are61′ GOAL AS Roma! 1-to-1

For more than five minutes after the opening goal from the Right that it’s the same in San Paulo. Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not be obstructed in any way been laid, and pulls away from the edge of the penalty area and are effective from.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 42 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again in the Estadio de la Ceramica) for the second half of this is between Villarreal and FC Barcelona. Visitors will be able to the 1-3-gap in your pocket, quietly sit back down. Or in touch with the Catalans, with their magic wand, as in the first act?Napoli-AS Roma · 44 minutes agoa 55′ GOAL in a Napoli! 1-0

Jose Callejon finally breaks the spell for the dominant, Right. The Spaniard tapping in a cross from the left by Mario Rui nice to be inside. Justin Kluivert have right now with AS Roma with an answer.The 44-minute geledenVillarreal FC Barcelona, one day ago

The goal of Luis Suárez, it was his 194e, in the service of FC Barcelona, with whom he is now in the third place, to share it with Ladislao Kubala in the topscorerslijst of all time is a good thing.

630 – Lionel Messi
232 – Cesar Rodriguez
194 – Ladislao Kubala
194 – Luis SuárezNapoli-AS Roma is one from an hour ago

In the meantime, Napoli, and AS Roma already on the road in the second half. Can Justin Kluivert-after an invisible first half, but his influence with the Romans in the second act?Villarreal-FC Barcelona, one day ago

The protagonists of the most beautiful match of this round in La Liga is in the picture. Scorer Antoine Griezmann is principal with Lionel Messi in their arms after a beautiful wippertje of the Frenchman.Villarreal-FC Barcelona, one day ago

Peace of mind! After a spectacular first half, the players of the Villarreal and FC Barcelona, with a well-deserved break from a quarter of an hour. The Catalans will be in the best of feelings, since they will lead to 1-3, thanks to fine goals from Luis Suárez and Antoine Griezmann. Villarreal is still on a 1-to-1 after FC Barcelona by an own goal from Pau Torres-the spell was broken.Villarreal-FC Barcelona, one hour ago,a 45′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-3

A goal of the likkebaarden, this hit by Antoine Griezmann. Lionel Messi hits the ball to the edge of the penalty area for the Frenchman, and throws ‘at the bottom of the crossbar and behind Villarreal goalkeeper Asenjo. It is guaranteed to be in the name of Griezmann.the one-hour geledenVillarreal-FC Barcelona · a one-hour geleden38’ Arturo Vidal, left a huge opportunity on a 1-3, not used. The Chilean midfielder decide to shoot in a place to go to for the free, Luis Suárez, and it turns out to be a bad choice, because the Villarreal goalkeeper Asenjo can rescue.Napoli-AS Roma is one from an hour ago

Peace of mind! Napoli dominated the match against AS Roma, Justin Kluivert, but the goals have not yet fallen into the San Paolo. And as for the teams, with 0-0 on the score board in the hall.Villarreal-FC Barcelona, one day ago

Luis Suárez has fourteen goals and eight assists in the tournament are involved in 22 goals in his last 24 league games this season. In his previous five seasons with FC Barcelona, he managed to score each and every year, at least sixteen times.Villarreal-FC Barcelona, one hour ago,a 20′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-2

FC Barcelona and let there be no waste, and establishes a direct order. Lionel Messi dribbles happily again, and passed the ball to Luis Suárez, one, or sit in the corner of the smile. The team of coach Quique Sétien is in the right next.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago there isa 14′ GOAL to Villarreal! 1-to-1

It is time for FC Barcelona, and we are able to Villarreal in the tegenstoot of it. Santi Cazorla bounces into first, even at goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, but the rebound is, however, touch on for Gerard Moreno.A 2-hour geledenVillarreal-FC-Barcelona · 2 hours ago

This leads to the 0-1 to FC Barcelona, and to the state. Not the Antoine Griezmann scored with a ball behind the standing leg, but Pau Torres taps the ball into his own goal.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 2-hour geleden7 After studying the images is from 0 to 1 for FC Barcelona, and not at the name of Antoine Griezmann. Villarreal defender, Pau Torres appears to be an own-goal, they have to be created. He taps the ball right before Griezmann in behind his own keeper.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago there are3 ” a ” GOAL for FC Barcelona! From 0 to 1

Calculated according to Antoine Griezmann put the plan for FC Barcelona in the lead! The attacker, who, for the first time in two games, a move it has, the score with the ball behind the standing leg after a cross from Jordi Alba.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago theKick-off! FC Barcelona has begun in the away game against Villarreal. The crew of the massive american coach Quiqui Sétien need to win in order not to finally tie in the title with Real Madrid.Southampton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago

Manchester City at Southampton
Manchester City suffered a surprising defeat at Southampton. The first three days after a spectacular 4-0 victory at the champion’s Liverpool’s to lose, the team’s manager Josep Guardiola, with 1-0, from the latest issue thirteen of the Premier League. The one and only goal, coming in the name of Che Adams, who is a fine wippertje of four meters, the City goalkeeper Ederson enjoy. In the follow-up distinguishes the Southampton goalkeeper, Alex McCarthy, with some fine saves.A 2-hour geledenNapoli-AS Roma · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is in Naples for Napoli-AS Roma! Can Justin Kluivert are distinguishable by the Romans?Southampton-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden85′ the Manchester City defender, He tries the remote, and it shows the helplessness of the people, which is, anyway, loss of points, seem to be suffering at Southampton. The shot is on, He is going to be meters across. The City has another five minutes to the stoppage time to defeat sa.Southampton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago

There are only two and a half minutes to play in the Pc. Mary’s Stadium, Manchester City will know that the walls of Southampton continues to be removed. The home team leads with 1-0, and to see the faith in a very dangerous place by the minute and can increase. Is it a miracle there as well?Serie A 2 hours ago

Here are the results for the rest of avondwedstrijden in the Italian Serie A:

  • Brescia-Hellas Verona 2-0
  • Parma-Fiorentina 1-2
  • Sampdoria-SPAL 3-0
  • Udinese-Genoa 2-2

Cagliari-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

In this context, book narrow victory at Cagliari
In this context, but a win in the Serie A. The team from the Dutch international Marten de Roon on piano, and Hans Hateboer to a booking against Cagliari (0-1), the eighth victory in a row, which is the clubrecord is further improved. The only goal of clubtopscorer Luis Muriel, who was in the 27th minute on a penalty kick advantage. The penalty is caused by, Andrea Carboni, who have have have to to go with a red card.Southampton-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden59 Manager, Josep Guardiola, put the stronger force in the second half, to force it against Southampton. The right-back puts, Kevin De Bruyne and work, and Phil Foden on the field for the remaining half an hour.Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden54, ” It will be a repeat story, but once again, does Alex McCarthy (Southampton, on the leg, against Manchester City. The goalie saves are now in place of David Silva, who, despairing of the onpasseerbare goalie.Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden50 Alex McCarthy has turned out to be an octopus with his tentacles and hit all the balls out of his goal, whip. The better of a Southampton save now on attractive to one in favour of the close up, Gabriel and Jesus.Southampton-Manchester City · 3-minute walk fromKick-off! The ball is rolling again in California. Mary’s Stadium. Likes of Southampton and the 1-0-a lead fixed to it, or at Manchester City in the second half, and things?Napoli-AS Roma · 3 hours ago

Kluivert starts from AS Roma to duel in with This
Justin Kluivert has a rise-to-deal with AS Roma for the match with Napoli. The 21-year-old vleugelaanvaller is at 21.45 pm, in Naples, set up as left. Napoli and Roma are still locked in a battle for a ticket to the Europa League.

Drawing Rome: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Manolas, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; He, Demme, Zielinski; Callejon, Owned By, Characteristics.

Lineup AS Roma: Lopez; Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Zappacosta, Pellegrini, Veretout, Spinazzola; Mkhitaryan, champions ‘ manager insists, Kluivert.Villarreal-FC Barcelona · 3 hours ago

Griezmann back in the foundation of FC Barcelona
Antoine Griezmann will be back at the base, with the FC Barcelona for the away game against Villarreal (kick-off at 22: 00. The Frenchman, who was seated in the last two league games on the substitute bench for the Catalan nation, which is in crisis, after three draws in the last four games. As a result, the gap with the leader, Real Madrid has already reached a level of seven points, and coach Quique Setién is under intense pressure.

Formation of FC Barcelona In the Rose; Alba, Piqué, Lenglet, Semedo; Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Vidal, Messi, Suárez, Griezmann.Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! Southampton will go after a 45-minute play is surprisingly in the lead against Manchester City. This is due to a werelddoelpunt of Che Adams, who came out Ederson from close to forty yards away, knocked out by a beautiful shot.Liverpool-Aston Villa · 3 hours geledenHet was a chore, but, of course, is Virgil van Dijk is delighted with the 2-0 win from Liverpool earlier today laagvlieger Aston Villa.

3 points & our 15th @premierleague clean sheet of the season! 👊


AuteurVirgil of DijkMoment of plaatsen20:36, 5 July 2020Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden39, ” It is a one-way street in the direction of the purpose of, at Southampton, still with a 1-0 lead in the home Pc. Mary’s Stadium. Riyad Mahrez shoots with his left and right, but the big hitter is Alex McCarthy keeps his aim is always clean.Cagliari-Atalanta · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling again, in the sardinian capital Cagliari in the second half of Cagliari-Atalanta. To expand the visitors to the 0 to 1-the lead at the ten a couple of years ago?Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden30′ Post! The Manchester City centre and is close to the end. Fernandinho to slide the ball in from the edge of the penalty area onto the post. Shortly thereafter, Bernardo Silva, the ball is made ready for cooking in the main to David Silva, but the Spaniard is Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy has his way, that is, the header with a fine reflex is harmless and does.Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

Here the screen shot of this Premier League weekend is at the foot of Che Adams. The beautiful slider on the ruler of Southampton, meant that ten minutes ago, it’s 1-0 to the home team.Series, A 3-minute walk from

These are the recline positions of the remaining matches in Serie A:

  • Brescia-Hellas Verona 0-0
  • Parma-Fiorentina 0-2
  • Sampdoria-SPAL 3-0
  • Udinese-Genoa 1-0

Cagliari-Atalanta · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! In this context it can be with a peace-of-mind at tea time. The crew of the Dutch international Marten de Roon on piano, and Hans Hateboer leading 0-1 at Cagliari thanks to a goal scored by Luis Muriel, who has a penalty advantage. By Andrea Carboni a couple of years ago that penalty, and that should be to go with the red.Southampton-Manchester City · 3 hours ago –16′ GOAL Southampton! 1-0

What a gem of a goal from Che Adams! Oleksandr Zinchenko delivers the ball, just put it in, then City goalkeeper Ederson is a couple of steps forward and turn. That Adams is right in the down-and he’ll shoot ‘m attractive, over the Former years. Southampton takes on a surprising charge at Manchester City.Back to top

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