As it celebrates Radio 2’s Flemish national day

01cb8d01305e2e4fed5f7cd4664ed804 - As it celebrates Radio 2's Flemish national day

On Saturday, the 11th of July will kick in to Radio 2’s celebration with a livesessie of the artists who took part in the Flanders is A song Wim Soutaer, Willy Sommers, Brahim, and Zita Wauters is sure to be vacated by 11.00 am for an hour of musical fun, coming from Marconi’s Studio in Brussels, belgium, which is exclusive for the visitors of the Radio 2 app.

Radio 2 has a long-standing tradition to live up to the Flemish national day with its own Flanders in A song. This year is no different. Asked for The most important Family of Wim Soutaer in order to ‘ hit ‘All of them’ to adapt to the current environment, and this is a song for a coronaproof the house and write. In order to prove that everyone else is celebrating early Radio in 2 different generations to be together. And so it is with the Flanders ‘ Festival song this year is sung by Wim Soutaer, Willy Sommers, Brahim, and Zita Wauters.