Ultratop 50 (Flemish Week Of The 27th

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The cards are in the Flemish Ultratop 50 this week, quite agitated, with 9 entrants, and thus, also, the 9 drop-outs as a result. The drop-outs are the Sticks (feat. The pregnant Guy, “Connect”, “the Other man”, The Sixth Metal, and Bart, there is “Pale-skinned Lena, Bart Peeters, Ronny Mosuse & Choir “singing nana”, “I will follow” by Wim Soutaer, Gene Thomas, with the “Ephemeral,” “The night,” by Belle Perez, The with the “Tonight with you”, and “Close to me ” (Live at Lotto Arena) from john Smith.

Croom sees the Light” at the age of 50. Micha Marah do “Clap Clap”, at 49. Samson and Marie are sitting in a “Big red balloon” at 47. Bart Herman is one of the “Iphone blues” 46. 45, for “No one” by Daalman. Chibi Ichigo picked up the receiver 44 is in the “Wrong turn”. Uberdope does is to “Slow down”, at 43. 38 the Dragon” by Tom Helsen. “Let us sound,” Luc Steeno & Frank Van Erum came in at 37, and the highest new entry of the week.