Saturday, the Ministry’s Laughing Matters show on Radio 2

71f53b038c0903f4bb8ae4381377220b - Saturday, the Ministry's Laughing Matters show on Radio 2

On Saturday, July 4, starting on Radio 2 And ” The Ministry of Happy Things. Each and every Saturday in the summer vacation between 10th and 11th presents, Sonny Vanderheyden, a summer program, in which the laughter is key. “I was talking with a well-known and people want to know where they will be happy if you are, what makes them laugh. They can choose to humorfragmenten of the more popular comedians, or legendary comics, but it’s also hilarious extracts from radio or tv programs. Even a funny moment from the Villa, a Politician, or the news, it is possible to. We’re expecting o.a. Jan Peumans, Ingeborg, Martin Van Gramberen, Leen Dendievel, and Rik Torfs.”

The first guest on the Saturday of the 4th of July, it is the Job of The Leijer. He decides to make funny clips of Urban, Adriaan Van den Hoof, Mark Uytterhoeven, and many others.