Top artists and athletes, to help belgian Red Cross-Flanders

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Take care of each other has been more important than ever before, and that was mass made, even from a distance. Now that the summer is officially started, calls the belgian Red Cross-Flanders to continue to take care of each other. By blood and / or plasma display, for example, or by using the eerstehulptips of the Red Cross to distribute it, and there are others to help when it is needed. A lot of the top artists and top athletes, whose summer and there is less pressure from what it normally is because of festivals and major sports events do not go ahead, stand behind this campaign and put their freed up time to Zomerhelden for the Red Cross (icrc). They will give you a good example, and it will be this summer to care for others.

The corona virus has caused is that there are a lot of people a little more time to be released this summer, is not far to travel, no festivals, and no mass on the big screen, eyes glued to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to follow. The face of the new summer campaign of the Red Cross, the athletes and the muziekartiesten – is the same: no Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan, no european cup and no hands. Among other things, Tourist LeMC, Willy Sommers, tennis champion, Elise, Will, and basketball star Ann Wauters, the use of their extra time this summer to care for others and to call out the whole of Flanders to do the same.

Tourist LeMC, Eefje De Visser, Willy Sommers, Compact Disk Dummies, ” and ” The Starlings are just a few of the many muziekartiesten, who this summer himself, a blood donor, or others, or asking for others to do the same. All of that is based on the conviction that a summer of no festivals, and sports events is a very, very, very unfortunate, but that’s a summer without the blood and the plasma will simply not be possible.