Mio Caro goes on tour

5cd02f04fa33188b5871c9332577ce55 - Mio Caro goes on tour

From the 11th of July brings with Romy, Mio Caro (37) for the first time in her successful shop review, as well as at home. ‘We are riding across Flanders with the ‘Mio Caro’ On Tour ‘fashionbus, dressing rooms included,” says Romy, Mio Caro, that we know so well from “The Sky’s The Limit”.

Our fashionbus, drive around, and each time in a different location to stop. If you want, you can come out and enjoy a day of shopping pleasure, for instance. We are in the latest collection, accessories, and accessories, and you can fit it in the fitting rooms, in a bus built in. The name can be found in a aanbouwtent of approximately 50 m2 in size.’