Hanne Troonbeeckx revealed: “I’ve had a lot of tears’

f30098c663de5ab23d760f4801c718b8 - Hanne Troonbeeckx revealed: "I've had a lot of tears'

Mediamadam, Hanne Troonbeeckx will be there for a while, for she is highly sensitive and often suffer from it. This past weekend, it was the price, even after reading the book. Troonbeeckx put himself so much pressure on the book to read to get it, that it tears again. What’s the next step?
“That’s what I thought this past weekend to enjoy a good book to read. That had been on my ‘to do’ list. Just what I had in mind, unconsciously, stress, be concerned as I am that the book has actually been out about it, so I’m on to the next book could go. What I really even wanted to be uithebben. So, rather than enjoy it, I put myself under pressure. Which makes me even less able to focus, and, therefore, more time is lost. In this sense, I have let it escalate more and more until the tears are like streaming, writing about, Hanne Troonbeeckx is on Instagram.

A lot of people will recognize themselves in this situation. In the hedendaagste society, everything is always faster and faster, and that’s not a healthy situation. Slow down and relax, today is the day to be more than you need, will only appear to the people more and more fall into the trap. Also, Hanne Troonbeeckx so. And, then, to know that they have the skills. “Do I have to be ashamed of, because I, as a coach can also be a lot of tears, do you? I don’t think so. No one is perfect. Even the best coaches are not always on the table. That’s not to be. It’s going to get you what you are doing at that moment. How far are you going with it? Or, how much of your knowledge to make this step?”