Dimitri Leue to stunt this summer

d23192b25a31b4442fafa4ff22dd503e - Dimitri Leue to stunt this summer

After-the-moment feeling to go back to something with a content, also to Dimitri Leue, by the way.

For mortals like you and me, is the problem with a “Dame Blanche”, on a terrace in Ostend (belgium). If you’re like Dimitri Leue is, there’s a volcano getting ready to have a small continent to do with it. Specifically, for Antwerp and for his beloved modernist Ranking he terúg in quarantine, and will be playing in the playground of the grammar school of his debut album, 7 days in a row, 7 times a day, for 49 people. From 9 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock in the evening. An insane stunt, in a statement.

Tickets and reservations can be made by .