Author Dan Brown’s ex sued for to fund double life

29e9e1ae559346d592a35a7ff18cc204 - Author Dan Brown's ex sued for to fund double life

Author Dan Brown’s ex sued for to fund double life

01 July, 2020 22:24
01-07-20 at 22:24
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Best-selling author Dan Brown and his ex-wife, Blythe Brown, indicted for stealing money out of their joint property. He would have to be done in order for the double life that he was, according to her, resulted in financial of use.

“This court case is going on for myself, stand up, and my self-esteem back,” says Blythe Brown, who, for twenty years, and by Then, Brown had married, against the People. “I have constantly tried out and the shocking truth about the cause of our separation, to deny that he has a double life, together.”

The 56-year-old author, who became world-famous by the Da Vinci Code, the funds have to be used to do multiple files is to be maintained. According to the AD, it was one of those in the Netherlands dressuuramazone Jim Johnson, but they want it in the newspaper, not on the posts to go in.