The new season of ‘Level 4’ in Gent, belgium: the fight against the menace

553157dc1f97cacd30eccdddab4d5cca - The new season of 'Level 4' in Gent, belgium: the fight against the menace

In the first part of the third season of ‘Level 4’ is, as of the 6th of July to see a Play, and Play More, and later at FOUR years old. At Level 4, and provides a television producer, and Eric Goens (‘Cop’, ‘research’), once again, a spectacular look behind the scenes at police forces in Belgium’s major cities. This season is certainly Goens-up in Ghent, belgium.

Level 4, is now in its third season, the last series results were not very good, but they also brought in the rough, and at times sobering footage on a behind-the-scenes of the teams are made up of police forces in the country. She also gave a revealing insight into how the police department in the day to day struggles against the terorrisme and crime prevention in cities such as Brussels, to Hasselt, Sint-Niklaas, Aalst, belgium… and now also in the city of Ghent.

In the event, the sharp-eyed van Goens, and the finger in the wound: these are the perfect ingredients for an impressive True-Crime on its own soil. He was filming in the back seat of the politiecombi image during the intervention, and a foot patrol that was out of hand, not dare to walk. The trailer shows you clips of the exciting car chases, arrests, drugscontroles and drugsrazzia in Ghent.

In the episodes from 1 to 4, from 6 July to Play, and Play More, watch it. The second part is enclosed in brackets. 5 and 9 of season 3 will be available as from 20th of July to be available. Season 1 and 2, you can now also catch up with a Play, and Play, and More.