Michael Lanzo brings with it a celebration of ‘The Toreador’

2a41f9643abb4072611af40e873b3ca1 - Michael Lanzo brings with it a celebration of 'The Toreador'

The brand new single of Michael Lanzo seems to be specially made for it. Nevertheless, it dates back to the song, all from the 1970’s. It was written by Jacques Herb, which in the same year, and a talent contest with it and won. Last year, the number of the lot, and it was a big hit with our neighbors. In Flanders, Michael Lanzo make for a pleasant working relationship. For him, stopped, Manfred Jongenelis it’s a great little old-fashioned, and it is a version that is straight out of the speakers, turn on the radio and crack it! Michael Lanzo has been totally opposed to a bull fight, but this Toreador….he liked the sound of!

“The Toreador’ by Michael Lanzo as a digital download.