#LikeMe search in this town

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Because of the mass of events up to and including August 31, 2020, it will not be able to take place, it will be in the Teen summer tour this summer, has been cancelled. Still, the result for the children to arrive this summer, and that’s when the #LikeMe search in this town.

The #LikeMe fans will get this summer will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of their favorite #LikeMe characters. At Adventure Valley, Durbuy is to re-live them, from the 4th of July is the #LikeMe-day of the season and enjoy an action-packed day in the restaurant, and the nettenpark, and the 3-d maze. At the #LikeMe search the Ketnetters through various activities, that is, the cast itself also has to be done, guided by the movies, shop, and jobs of Caro and her friends. One of the main activities has been the #LikeMe challenge: an obstacle course where the Ketnetters to be the fastest way to while the time keeper. For more info, see the