An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva, together with the LolaLiza

An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva, together with the LolaLiza

The remains of a great love between An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva, and LolaLiza. The two mediapersoonlijkheden and power to the ladies for the second time in the hands of a being with the colorful damesmerk. The result: a two-hoogzomerse capsule collections, with something to offer for every woman.

Last year it took An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva, independently of each other, a feestcollectie at LolaLiza. It went so well that the two of them presentatrices for the second time at the drawing board were allowed to sit down. At this time, are being produced in the character of its warm temperatures, long nights, and long stranddagen, summer is here!

Be positive, be relaxed and feel at ease and that’s the key-words of the An-Lemmens collection. She has designed five diverse items, all of which are real eye-catchers are. A flowy maxi dress, a jump – and playsuit: the colors are vivid and the prints are tropical. Breezy fabrics, and details such as puff sleeves, or a waist belt to give a to-the-top in the summer and a feminine feel. An: “I would like to have a collection of designs for women who are comfortable in their own skin and also head. The woman of these items are wearing will for sure look for ways to compliment to get, so they are dare to in!”

Since the An’s taste is eclectic, so is her collection in one box, to stop it. “I like loose and comfy clothes, but I also like to make my character stand out.” That is, it both can, and will be presenting its collection have. Also, the items are perfect for any summer outing: the bright maxi dresses are perfect for a day at the beach, but it will also let you rays, as well as your day concludes with a cocktail at a bar. “You are never going to be over – or under-dressed with, say, An self. She – of course – very excited about that part of the collection: “I’m going to all of the units are completely broken, is fine. If someone asked me this summer for something different, should they be allowed me to then speak”, she laughs.