On Tuesday at Vive La Vie!

faacd6fc7b55429e06df9299e0f04c7f - On Tuesday at Vive La Vie!

Celebrate life each and every day. That’s exactly what Karl Vannieuwkerke this summer. Even with the postponement of the Tour de France can’t get it small, is the best proof of this are the broadcasts of the ” Vive La Vie!’. Do you have it on Monday too, so fun? You see that tonight, without a doubt, re-do it. At 21.30 hours, will receive the Karl, Wim Opbrouck and Els Dottermans in the beautiful surroundings of Damme. And of course there is the wonderful Astrid Stockman.

Will let you have tonight to re-immerse yourself in ” Vive La Vie!, at 21: 30 on One.