John Leo brings a tribute to the years of Will Tura

7b6771d4338eb35c1f8a9df6fda085d1 - John Leo brings a tribute to the years of Will Tura

Flanders ‘first-ever winner of” The Voice, Senior, and John Leo, from the Yellow, with his new single, “No summer without you” is a beautiful ode to the upcoming year-Will Tura. It was Will who John introduced to his song from the 1968 re-recording.

John Leo explained after his victory on ” The Voice, a Senior with an impressive musical course. He was allowed to record a full length album, which is driving the upper end of the Ultratop pulled out, and I had a very busy agenda. The coronacrisis had a lot of performances to be moved to a later date, but John is hoping that he will, from the autumn, on a regular basis to the Flemish, the stages will be.

“I have spent the past few months, not been idle,” says John. “I have freed up time and made use of it to a new location and have a new program that’s designed to give and I will soon be the country’s health. However, if you are a live band, I would re-occur. In addition, there are also my two grandchildren, for which I will always be happy to have some time vrijmaak”.

The single, “No Summer Without You” and can be found on the album ‘Never Too Late’ by John Leo.