John Destadsbader will give a concert on the meadow of rock Werchter

John Destadsbader will give a concert on the meadow of rock Werchter

No TWO of the Classic, no-Werchter Boutique, is not the Rock Werchter festival. A great calm in the Festivalpark. But as of this week, is there anyway to change that. Together, the music can enjoy it again. It’s going to be different, that was for sure. Still, sitting around a small table, on to the Werchterse standards – there is very little atmosphere.

On Thursday it opens at the Rock Werchter festival for LIVE2020 summer bar in the Festivalpark, in the North-West Wall of site. Capacity: up to 400 people. This week, when the Rock Werchter festival was to take place the concerts of Selah Sue on Thursday, a Few LeMC is on a Friday, and Bazart on Saturday. Sunday night is the summer bar set the stage for the big Rock-Werchter-for-Live2020 TV show, live at home, Proximus, Pickx, and, with musical guests, Emma Bale, Glints, SONS, Eefje De Visser and the historical centre of florence.

And then you go in the summer, even in the Festivalpark. Because of the summer bar will remain open until the end of July. With more concert dates. Already confirmed are John Destadsbader, Arno river, and The Sixth Metal, and Mom’s Jacket, Black, Box, Revelation, of Portland, is Equal, Idiots, and Compact Disk Dummies. The sale of tickets of the summer bar the concerts will start on Thursday, July 2, at 10 a.m. via and The proceeds of the zomerbarconcerten, and a variety of other initiatives that may be due to the Rock Werchter festival in LIVE2020 the fund as of and for the livemuzieksector, thanks.

The zomert music concerts in Werchter. As of the 1st of July outdoor events for up to 400 persons, subject to strict conditions are permitted. A mass of events will continue until the end of August is prohibited. But it is small as well. Under for the North West Walls and towers, it is a wonderful summer bar-built, with all of the applicable rules of hospitality and events, university-age. Over the next month, there is a series of wonderful concerts took place. The selection is as diverse as the various festivals in Werchter as well. Keep up the good music. Already confirmed are: