FC Barcelona, 1-1, against Atlético, Juventus is leading against the Al

33aa5345664b36c49eae064251118131 - FC Barcelona, 1-1, against Atlético, Juventus is leading against the Al

FC Barcelona, 1-1, against Atlético, Juventus is leading against the Al

The 30 June, 2020 19:22
30-06-20 at 19:22
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on the international football this evening. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on the developments of the games in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

  • LIVE:
  • Brighton-Manchester United 0-3
  • Genoa-Juventus 0-1
  • Barcelona, Spain-Atlético 1-1
  • Results:
  • Torino-Lazio 1-2
  • Leganés-Sevilla 0-3

La Liga · * * * a few hours ago

Over! The tone will sound for Leganés-FC Sevilla. The visitors are in trouble and won with 3-0. In Seville, is Luuk de Jong three minutes before the end of the official time in it.Still A · * * * a few seconds ago,a 49′ GOAL in The competition! From 0 to 1

Paulo Dybala is doing it again! The Former more great play by the defence of Genoa, and get the shot in the long corner.Series is A 5-minute geleden46, ” The ball is rolling once again on Genoa-Juventus, which is the 0-0 position. The “Old Lady” in the second half, and the difference between them?La Liga · 6 hours ago

45+4′ in Peace, in Barcelona, spain, where the barcelona and Atlético, there is a fascinating duel of it. A own goal from Diego Costa and a brilliant free kick from Saúl is the 1-to-1 at the Nou Camp.A 6-minute geledenLa League · 12-minute geleden42 ” A superb rescue of Jan Oblak! The goalkeeper of Atlético Madrid and react appropriately to a changed direction a free-kick from lionel Messi.La Liga · 13 minutes ago –82′ GOAL, Below. 0 to 3

Munir El Haddadi is throwing for the match in the final. The substitute will shoot the rebound in.La Liga · 16-geledenOf Barcelona are in form or not, it is always a special treat to have Both Sides of it. Sure, if he’s actions are like this, let’s see:

Adiós! 👋👋 #ZiggoSport #BarçaAtleti #LaLiga


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:37 – June 30, 2020Serie A · * 19 mins ago

45+2′ The rest in the Genoa-Juventus. The majority of the Series A, the ban has not yet managed to break, and it’s still 0-0. Lasse Schöne (Al) has to have yellow in the bag, and will miss the next match.La Liga · 24-geledenEn over a 1-to-1 by Saúl, who, at the curious way it came out.

Current Goaaaaaal Atletiiiii! 🎯
Diego Costa will miss the first penalty, but In the Alleys and came to the quick of his line. 😬 Saúl, thank you that you please: 1-to-1 👏 #ZiggoSport #BarçaAtleti #LaLiga


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:30 pm – June 30, 202024 minutes geledenLa the League · is a 28-minute geledenNog as it is your own goal is scored by Diego Costa in the picture. The striker has been to put it mildly, not a happy race, because a few minutes later, he missed a penalty kick. Fortunately for him, should the penalty be re-taken, and did Saúl, however, are disturbed by the windfall.

Diego Costa knows that Barcelona are in need, and helping the Catalans to a handful of 😖
#ZiggoSport #BarçaAtleti #LaLiga


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:18 – June 30, 2020Premier League · 31 minutes ago there isa 50′ GOAL-Manchester United! 0 to 3

Brighton seems to be the right decision. Bruno Fernandes takes the team to a 3-0-lead.La Liga · 33 minutes and geleden22 ” it was There, it was almost goal number 700 for Both Sides! He curled the ball just beside the goal.La Liga · 34 minutes ago

To get to the stadium, what’s up, it has to Barcelona for the match tonight, thousands of shirts to hang up.La Liga · 37 minutes ago –19′ GOAL in Atlético Madrid! 1-to-1

Saúl do what Costa just couldn’t and scored from eleven metres. In the Rose gambled wrong now.The 37-minute geledenLa League · a 38-minute geleden17′ What’s going on here? For Rose, it is too early in the morning of his line to come and so should the penalty kick be re-taken. The German keeper gets a yellow.La Liga · the 39 minute ago,don’t Miss! Diego Costa missed the penalty kick! Marc-André Ter Stegen will be the weak effort.La Liga · 40 minutes ago –15′ free Kick and Half!

Sea rushes in from the side towards the goal but it goes over the legs of Arturo Vidal. Penalty so-so.La Liga · 44 minutes ago there isa 12′ GOAL, the city. 1-0

An own-goal by Diego Costa! It was a strange action from the striker, who was a free-kick from Lionel Messi into his own goal, it works.La Liga-four hours geleden6′ my god, there it is, Half-close 0 to 1. José Giménez and Diego Costa get a good angle to free kick from Yannick Carrasco, but the ball is in front of.the one-hour geledenLa League’s one-hour geleden4′ Jordi Alba is the lifesaver in Barcelona, spain. He grabs for Llorente in the 0 to 1 score.Premier League-four-hour geledenHet and is now resting at Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester United, which the visitors with a 2-0 lead. It would seem to be a hassle-free evening for the elite of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.La Liga-four hours ago,a 1′ Kick-off! FC Barcelona-Atlético Madrid have started.The La Liga one day ago

We’re up for the challenge tonight: FC Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid. Ontworstelt in Barcelona is located in the heavy form, or, to put the misery to continue? And what of the People who happened to be in a good shape / condition?The La Liga one day ago

It’s been quiet in Leganés-Seville, where the visitors with a 2-0 lead thanks to two goals from Óliver Torres.the one-hour geledenPremier League-four hours ago –a 29′ GOAL-Manchester United! 0 to 2

Bruno Fernandes with a mazzeltje! The shot is touched by Alexis, Mac Allister (Brighton), and disappear low in the target. United is, therefore, we would definitely stay at the rose.Series A, one hour ago

1′ Kick-off! Leading The competition was started in the uitduel by Then. Make the best of the Series is A mistake?La Liga-four hours ago –a 35′ GOAL, Below. 0 to 2

Sevilla will do all that is in the first half of the business, because it’s been number one for Oliver Torres. He is tapping in reference to Jesus Navas in.Premier League-four hours ago,16′ GOAL-Manchester United! From 0 to 1

In a delicious run of eighteen-year-old Mason, Greenwood, which is, among others, with a double scissors, with a view, and then tap to shoot.Series A, one hour ago

Over! B draws a well-deserved 2-1 victory on the line against Torino, and will put pressure on The competition, which is a few minutes of the game Then it starts.La Liga · 2 hours ago –23′ GOAL, Below. From 0 to 1

There is the advantage see below. Oliver Torres brings to the team, with a shot from just outside the sixteen-on-a 1-0-lead.Series, A 2 hour geleden88, ” We are nearing the end of the Torino to Rome, and with the visitors leading 2-1. Also try using the last little bit of energy is still a second half to squeeze out and it’s been a couple of times to be dangerous have been. If there is a point for the home team?Premier League · 2 hours ago there isa 1′ Kick-off! The ball is rolling now at Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester United.Serie A 2 hours ago

They can be about a half-an-hour, again a step forward towards the title in Italy. The team will play an away game against Genoa. This hotel is Located in the base.

The line-ups:

Genoa: Perin; Soumaoro, Golf Course, Masiello; Cassata, Schøne, Behrami, Sturaro; Ghiglione, Pinamonti, Favilli.

Top: Good; Danilo, The Lies, Bonucci, Cuadrado; Bentancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi, Dybala, Ronaldo.La Liga · 2 hours ago

About three quarters of an hour will begin the ultimate challenge of the night: FC Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid. In the second half and we did not find Frenkie de Jong, who has been injured needs to watch and learn. Antoine Griezmann starts on the bench.

The line-ups:

London: For The Rose; Semedo, Pique, Lenglet, Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Vidal, Puig; Messi, Suárez.

Atlético Madrid, Oblak; Arias, Giménez, Felipe, B; Llorente; Thomas, Saúl, Carrasco; Correa, On The Costa.Serie A 2 hours agoa 73′ GOAL Lazio! 1-2

There is the touch for the Holidays! Marco Parolo shoots from the edge of sixteen touch, but happiness is not to be desired. His efforts will be touched on by the Town (Parc), which the goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu no chance to.Series, A 2 hour geleden69′ B has a little less than a quarter of the game to the point loss to be avoided. The team has been looking at the 2-1, and it was not until the first real big chance to them. Also try to that is, of course, with all that it has to be avoided, but the team seems to be already present on the gum line to walk.La Liga · 2-hour geleden1′ Kick-off! Sevilla have started the uitduel with Leganés. Luuk de Jong starts on the bench.Series, A 2 hour geleden48′ GOAL Lazio! 1-to-1

There is, finally, the Immobile, as we know it! Luis Alberto has sent him in with a sublime pass in the depth. Rush hour rounds out, then got the nerve with the left. Once again, it’s his 29th goal of the season.Series, A 2 hour geleden46′ get The ball rolling once again in Turin, where the team of Turin, a 1-0-lead to defend at Rome. The Romans, in the next 45 minutes to prevent them from re-damage it may incur in the fight for the ‘Scudetto’?Premier League · 2 hours ago

About three quarters of an hour, we see Davy Pröpper to take action. The Dutch will take it up with the Brighton & Hove Albion against Manchester United.

The line-ups:

Brighton: Ryan; Lamptey, Opinion, She, Burn,; The, Pröpper, Bissouma, Window, Mac Allister; Check-Out.

Manchester United: Gea; Wan Bissaka, Lindelöf, Maguire, Shaw; Pogba, Matić; Greenwood, Fernandes, Rashford; And Martial.La Liga · 3 hours geledenOndertussen in Spain, arbitration is once again a topic of discussion. In the match between Real Mallorca and Celta de Vigo (3-0 at half) get a Mallorca and a dubious penalty. This Team is going to be very easy to get to the ground, but the referee and the value seen after a long time deliberating on a penalty kick in. A few minutes later it is 2-0.


“This is it”. Mallorca awarded a second penalty for the most blatant, embarrassing dive, you will see all season. BULLOCK stopped the match for five minutes, and the penalty was still awarded. Lost for words. Range of issues for La Liga with this standard of officiating.


AuteurColin MillarMoment of plaatsen19:51 am – June 30, 2020Serie A 3-minute walk from

Peace of mind!

B will be able to go in the second half, and still pull out all the stops in order to loss of points to avoid. The runner-up of Serie A with a 1-0 gap against Torino in the locker room.Series, A 3-minute walk fromthe 45+1′ – Goal disallowed Map! Francesco Acerbi nods, but does that buitenspelpositie.Series, A 3-hour geleden44′ A … run to the press right before the end of the first half of it. The team, however, up to now, the state.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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