André Hazes, as a LEGO mini figure on the Dam’s

c96571727661cfb8a16334949ee5235d - André Hazes, as a LEGO mini figure on the Dam's


Today, the 30th of June, it would be for the André Hazes of 69 years. Artist Frankey is there a special way to make your way silently through the place with a unique statue in the Dam square in Amsterdam, the netherlands.

Frankey that are frequently eye-catching art in a public area, and is also known for its weekly page about street art in The run-up was inspired by the concrete blocks on the Dam are to be found. These kind of blocks are, unfortunately, necessary in order to make sure that the car is not in the square in may.

Hair length

Despite the critical need for these units, there is also a humorous side to it. They seem to be on the LEGO bricks. This was inspired Frankey to make a LEGO mini figure that’s on the André Hazes appear. Including the black suit, hat, microphone and gold chain, and distinctive side burns. The idea of Frankey’s to be used by Dutch-Deco-Finish will be developed into a sculpture at the Dam, it is placed in.

In a statement, said Frankey on this eye-catching piece of art:

“The Dam, it is at times not as quiet as in the past few months. A lot of Locals were there to take in all the silence of the Dam to see it in all it’s beauty. Running low on a few of the birds after them. Therefore, I thought it would be a good time for an iconic Amsterdams statue. One who does not leave after four hours of work, such as the living statues that are there, even in his Lego brick and the city is watching you… or maybe it gives you as you listen.”