Alina is enthusiastic about VR in this game, The Mole

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In The Park, launches from July 1, a new virtual-reality experience of The Ldcs. This is good news for the many fans of the popular tv show, which, as finally itself once more to check out the moles, or perhaps a secret and much-coveted role of a saboteur get in.
The one and only real, but virtual: Gilles De Coster presents – a minimum of four and a maximum of five players for a half an hour of the most challenging tasks for the gorgeous and diverse New Zealand. In a museum, steal, helicopter flight experience, or, in a ravine, jump to: commands, at this time, The Mole can be avoided.

One of the people who have the game already, if the test was Alina Churikova, with the saboteur in the most reviews ediie of ‘The Mole’: “this is the first time that I had a SIX-game, play by play, and I have to admit that I was really blown away as it was. How realistic everything looks. How to be funny even for Gilles De Coster will meet virtually.It was a lot of fun with this game as well as the candidate experience, and not as a mole. I recommend it to all of my friends about it! We are going to definitely have to play with all of us, and I’m very curious to see how they react when they’re afraid of being high, that there are many, however, see more than you would expect.”