VTM NEWS is, in in a special the summer of 2020

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In the summer of 2020, there will be one, as we have never before experienced. A lot of Flemish people to spend their holidays in their own country, and who yet, in the borders, cross the bridge, bear to the coronamaatregelen along as excess baggage. The VTM NEWS in the past few months, more than ever, the viewers are informed. VTM NEWS anchor Stef Wauters, Freek Braeckman, Birgit Van Mol, While He Cathérine Moerkerke and Faroek Özgünes to go in July and August, in search of the answers to the questions from the audience.VTM NEWS, launches this summer with a number of new initiatives in the future. During the holiday months it is right after the news, from 13: 00 hours for The Weather by 2020’: it is the summer weather. In the evening there will be two short news bulletins as well as the popular drone flies again to Flanders.

A special summer time calls for a special weather report. As of today, Monday, June 29, will follow immediately after the news, from 13: 00 hours for The Weather by the year 2020. From Monday to Friday to speak to the nieuwsanker is extended to David Dehenauw, He Duboccage, or back – and-wetenschapsexpert by Martijn Peters.

In the special weerbabbel-zoom, Frank, David, and martin are not alone in the street, they have to focus on vakantieplekken in the netherlands and the rest of the world: the coast, the Ardennes, and to the province of Limburg and from our Neighbors all over the Provence to the Spanish costa’s. Tailored to the needs of the summer by the year 2020. That’s what they do, live in the studio, following on from the news at 13: 00.

He is a Lataire, editor-in-chief to a.ii. VTM NEWS: “it is a cliché to say, it is not a summer like any other. This is with the VTM the NEWS on that one. Our nieuwsanchors, and to guess what effect the end of the last year, more than ever, to be informed and will also continue during the summer to answer questions about the country and abroad. As: it’s safe to travel, both near and far? Take the un Security council for additional measures? We love the corona unit. Is travel more expensive or less expensive? As of Monday, the 29th of June following, the VTM NEWS from 13: 00 hours, an additional weergesprek with the weathermen, Frank, and David, our back – and-wetenschapsexpert by Martijn Peters.”