These artists will perform at the Flanders Festival 2020

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Also, this summer, celebrating One of the Flemish national day on July 11 with a show full of music and home-grown. It’s great publieksevent you can’t go on, but, well, One of Antwerp also put their shoulders to the wheel, a musical, a tv show, and a special edition of the Flanders festival, this time will be recorded. From a secret location in Antwerp is presenting a host, Peter Van de Veire, this is a show jam-packed with artists and music here. Along with the likes of Clouseau, #LikeMe, Cleymans & Van Geel, Fast-paced, and Gene Thomas, John Destadsbader, Lindsay, Lisa & Sasha, and The Starlings, Bart Peeters, Wim Soutaer, in the winter feat. Jake, Reese and O (Olivia Trappeniers, it is a wonderful celebration of it. Will Tura is in this summer, to 80 and to celebrate this special birthday, is already at the Flanders festival, with Peter, a fellow-artist, and, of course, is to do what he loves to do most: making music and performing.