The new season of the Family-starting with jam –

The new season of the Family-starting with jam -

There is some good news for fans of ‘the Family’, as they are about halfway through the superlange summer break, as a result of the corona virus. Then, on Friday, april 24, the last episode was aired, the coffee grounds to see how and the end of the summer it would go. Now on to the pictures, meanwhile, resumed his thinking is that the fans of one or the other to know about it.

One of the cliffhangers is, it’s the kidnapping of the pregnant woman, Hanne Van den Bossche (Margot Hallemans). It was her freedom was robbed by a male nurse, Tony (Jeroen Van Dyck). The fear is that something will happen to Hanne or her unborn child. Normally, that would be the baby may have already been born, but due to the corona virus will experience Hanne is the longest pregnancy of all time. For pictures, went to the builders on the lookout for someone who is a nurse was able to play it, but the person in question should also have a body to play with. We can conclude that there will be a nurse from the retirement home where Tony works, the house will be killed? The chance is very high. Whether it is the nurse in question to a person that he is, will have to help with the birth of Hanne, and explains to Tony that the man, later to be still?