Q3-is now under fire because of a new campaign

Q3-is now under fire because of a new campaign

Following on from the success of the first film, Hanne, short history, and Klaasje, given Q3, a new feature film: K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs. The shooting of the new movie this summer, start by making a few creative adjustments, all the coronamaatregelen can be observed. K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs will appear at the end of this year and into the room. The original film, Q3, Love to Cruise, and could count on more than 300.000 people from Flanders and the Netherlands.

The campaign of the new film, made at the start of the show, a lot of controversy. Well on Instagram as on Twitter, we read the compliments, but there are a lot of people who take offense because of the new campaign. Q3-as an Egyptian beauty, to really do it?”

“Oh, I thought that it was 2020 and the cultural appropriation of finally being’ out of fashion’ it was. But I could be wrong, have to hear,” said someone on Instagram from the Studio 100.

And it doesn’t stop there. Elsjepelsje is called Q3, and the ” Black Lives Matter, in the same sentence. “In an era of” Black Lives Matter, and we have decided that it’s cultural appropriation, not more, it Q3 by 2020, with this, with the advertising poster of the film in post.

That the K3 is in a few hours, for a whole bunch of retweets and hundreds of responses, it would ensure that they were in the Studio, the 100 may not have seen it coming. A lot of people resent the remarks made on Twitter.

“So I was normal, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you were in films such as Night at the museum”, and the song is by ‘The Bangles’ are also banned. Long life to the weakened society, where everything has to be politically correct, “should of”, reacts to Robin van Nooij.