On Tuesday Telefacts Summer

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On Tuesday, June 30, zoom Telefacts Summer on the mind-blowing story of British countess Alexandra Tolstoy. Tolstoy has a sprookjesromance and fell in love with one of the world’s richest and most powerful men in Russia, billionaire Sergei Pugachev. The couple will soon have children, and lead a luxeleven in villas and farmhouses all over the world. Russian billionaire Pugachev has connections in the highest political circles, he is a loyal friend of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Until he came At it from the moment it falls, and the couple rushed wildly on. The family will have to go into hiding, and Pugachev will survive, barely
some of the attempts on his life. The power of Russia, are far-reaching, and the couple is no longer welcome here. Sergei Pugachev: “a Lot of people have contacted me, They want to kill you. Just be careful.” The threat from Russia is also putting the story in between the two are under a lot of pressure. How it ends, you’ll see ” The target and the Russian billionaire on Tuesday, 30 June at 21.55.