The Switch takes time

65a01bf0ac9db7e3b88e02623c7818b2 - The Switch takes time

The fans will Switch their program of less than ten of the same episode of the hour of hardship. As of Monday, it will be a Switch with Adriaan Van den Hoof to 21 hours of launch. After the “in The News” and “The Chair” for the evening, the first of a humaninterest series, and is followed by the weather report, and more herhaliing of ‘FC De Kampioenen’. Then and only then, is it to Adriaan Van den Hoof.
Candidates this week are the head Guy, Vloeberghs, out Loud, a process operator-in-training Bryan Sollie of Us.”, werfadministrator Every Of the Suit from the Floor, backofficemedewerker Looking for Bass, Wetteren, and the certification of the engineer, Thibaut Van Lerberghe from Vichte.