The farmer wants a Wife-one She would love

ce50241689c5c4a741d2642f850c83b0 - The farmer wants a Wife-one She would love

The farmer wants a Wife-one She would love

28 June, 2020 15:35
28-06-20 15:35
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Farmer, We are from Farmer wants a Wife, has found love, and that she told him this last week, and the Neighing Podcast.

The peasant farmer from the province of Drenthe, after their participation in the Farmer wants a Wife a lot of letters and reactions from the men. “You know, I was just a little bit of waiting,” says She. “I thought,” really, just do it.” To have a man on her Instagram-the story of the balcony. “I saw this picture and I thought to myself:” wow, who the hell are you, then?” So, I went to his page and then I am going to follow you.” Thus, the two are talking, and they have not stopped”.

For anyone who’s going to wish She had not yet gone. “We have about a month and a half in a relationship, so it’s really, really early. But it is a lot of fun!”, she says in the podcast.