So, away to FC Groningen, Robben to return

c968f62c64ccf50a9d46c80c9937dc02 - So, away to FC Groningen, Robben to return

So, away to FC Groningen, Robben to return

28 June, 2020 15:25
28-06-20 15:25
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With a surprise visit in Munich and right in the middle coronatijd, did the board of directors of football club FC Groningen, Arjen Robben, to be tempted to return. The 96-fold), international Orange, a year after he retired as the pro at the club where he was twenty years ago, he made his debut.

21st of may, at around 4.30 am in the morning, stepped up to the Mark-Jan Fledderus, and that Wouter Gudde is in the city of Groningen in the car. The chief technical officer and executive vice president of football club FC Groningen drove about 850 miles south to Munich for Arjen Robben to be a surprise.

“Ann had declared that he was for FC Groningen want to do it,” he said Fledderus, Sunday, at a press conference at Hitachi Capital Mobility at the Stadium. “That’s when I Gudde put our heads together and the result was, that we wanted him to convince him to play for our club.”