Nathalie Meskens takes the best of the Best to the Viewers at the top

c4d5052085f6027396616817b9dddfb8 - Nathalie Meskens takes the best of the Best to the Viewers at the top

Dear Viewers, it was last summer, and one of the kijkcijfertoppers in the VTM’s, and during the summer it’s possible to laugh to. As of Monday, the 29th of June, to select, Nathalie Meskens in to the new very Best of the Viewers of the best clips from the past eight seasons, the Best football team. She does this together with the well-known ‘ friends of the program, such as Koen Wauters, An Lemmens, Kürt Rogiers and Julie Of the Stone. Every day there is a different theme, and choose from the well-known friends, their three favorite movies out of all of the episodes from the Best to the Viewers. Very best of the Viewers are from the 29th of June, from Monday to Thursday at 20.50 to be seen in the VTM.

“The 8 seasons of the Best of its Viewers, which include a wealth of excerpts that have gone by. It’s very nice to be there right now to dig into. Especially when a lot of people who have ever been in the Best of the Viewers to join in on the lookout for their best entries. And it’s always amusing to myself and all the members of the panel to see it with a different – and, over the years, sometimes the outdated looks (laughs),” says Nathalie Meskens.
Koen Wauters, Ruth Beeckmans, Dina Tersago, and Jacques Vermeire in a week is 1 of the very Best in the Viewers