Ultratop 50 Flanders 26

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Of the six vanished, and the singles did The, “What you see” is in the eleven weeks, the longest time listed it as a single. The other five are: “I’m looking for cover by Tom Kestens, Gene, Thomas, “She believes in me”, “Poka” of a Chibi Ichigo Boys ‘ and ‘Storm’ as well, Ivan Pecnik & Goele De Raedt, with “hang in there”.

46 get Ramzi feat. Pregnant, Guy, Manlike & Brackos with “how Long”. 45, for Safi and the “No one else”. “Fringe” is the latest single to be taken from Isabelle, A on 37. At 36 and wants to be Dean’s “Only the sun”. Yong Yello is running “in Circles” at number 33. The latest solosingle Willy Sommers – “We belong together” has made the Top-20 in the fourth, because the string is already down to 21.