Organizers Crammerock way: no festival this year

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The organizers of the Crammerock have on Friday announced that this year there will be no festival. All the mass events, such as major festivals, up to and including August 31, are forbidden in Belgium. And, if the appointment is epidemic evolves positively, they would be so it would be possible from the 1st of september. By Crammerock, traditionally on the first weekend of september, it is organized, it would be like to be the only festival this summer and would not be able to continue. But the party doesn’t last.

That is, it is in coronatijden almost impossible, as it would be to have an event with a 50’s musical top acts, with 500 volunteers and, especially, with 35,000 visitors to the organisation, and the organisers are in the present circumstances to always be very aware of this. But as long as hope is alive, the organization itself, and the period of time in order to be a good one, taking balanced decision, taking into account all aspects of the company.

Unfortunately, there are Crammerock still a lot of uncertainties, at an event with 35,000 people in a quality-and safe-ways-to-organize-in less than two months at a time. The organisers will decide that a full-fledged 30th edition of the festival will be postponed for a year to Friday the 3rd and Saturday 4th of september 2021.