First-ever concert by the Scala & Kolacny Brothers at the Arena summer concerts

1ad97c5fdf273abb0adfe942971221b7 - First-ever concert by the Scala & Kolacny Brothers at the Arena summer concerts

That is great news to you today. The corn had been officially promised that they will once again be allowed to occur, subject to the necessary safety precautions, of course. The corn is only applicable to a special scheme for a particular risk for the spread of the Covid-19.

The world-famous meisjeskoor Range, under the direction of the Kolacny Brothers, was eager to perform on the stage at the Ghelamco Arena. We can now confirm that it is on Saturday, July 18 to 21, and their first concert will be in the 7th of march, just in time for the moment.

Steven Kolacny): “We are very much looking forward to the 18th of July. For us, this is – at last – the long-planned, and with the help of experts discussed the (clean) reboot of the Array, and this is after 4 months of complete silence. No rehearsals, no concerts, We are going to have the crowd in Ghent, the best of the past Meisjesnamentournee together with the well-known Scalaklassiekers.”
Wide range of songs, and is famous the world over, has provided, among other things, on the score of the trailer for “The Social Network,” the oscar-nominated film about the creation of Facebook. Their songs were used in episodes of popular TELEVISION series such as “Homeland”, “Downtown Abbey” and “The Simpsons”. They are all over the world, from small churches to major theaters in Belgium, the festivals, such as Coachella, SXSW, Latitude, and.

Arena Events is delighted to announce that they are the Scala & Kolacny Brothers are able to present on stage at the Ghelamco-Arena, and is looking forward to this particular to occur, that is, literally, the compulsory silence of a 4-month break. It is, without a doubt, be a memorable and magical show.

With the launch of the first wave of their line-up for the Arena summer concerts in the Ghelamco Arena, was already a huge success. Later that same evening (Friday 19 July) was the first of the concerts, among other things, of ” Mama’s Coat, and The Starlings, and Stan van Samang is completely sold out.