Liverpool can be a title, almost celebrate it due to lag City

fdd4e0ec82850e645c53ba2e28a6a749 - Liverpool can be a title, almost celebrate it due to lag City

Liverpool can be a title, almost celebrate it due to lag City

June 25, 2020 21:13
25-06-20 at 21:13
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on the international football today. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on the developments of the games in the Premier League and La Liga.

  • LIVE:
  • Chelsea-Manchester City 2-1

Premier League · 2 hours agoa 78′ GOAL from Chelsea! 2-1

William shoots the penalty kick is convincing, and more!! In the centre of Liverpool and they get the champagne bottles stuck out, because it seems to go wrong.Premier League · 2-minute geleden76′ Penalty kick and a red for Chelsea! Fernandinho in for a scrimmage with hands: he is hitting the ball. The referee can’t see it, but the VAR is. The offender shall be punished with a red.Premier League · 6-minute geleden71′ Incredible! Pulisic think the 2-1 score, but with City defender Kyle Walker, who saves the furniture for the hotel. Pulisic omspeelt keeper, Kepa, and you can hit the ball binnenschuiven, but it’s very fast Walker and it prevents the ball over the line to go. He was just in time.A 6-minute geledenPremier League · 12-minute geleden67, Raheem Sterling was once again dangerous as well. He curled the ball just next to them. Immediately after the shot, it is a drinkpauze too.Premier League season · in 16 minutes, geleden62′ Great chance for Chelsea! Ederson gives the ball to be unhappy, which Them Mount the opportunity to make it 2-1 to make it. The old Vitessenaar game in the zijnet.Premier League · 18 minutes geledenDe stunning free-kick from Kevin de Bruyne is in the picture.


Kevin De Bruyne with an outrageous contract killer. The Best Midfielder in the world.


AuteurJoeMoment of plaatsen22:33 – June 25, 2020Premier League · is a 22-minute geleden57′ Post! Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), close to the 1-2, but his efforts end up on the pole. Almost had the City to reduce the backlog within no time at all they turned into a competitive advantage.Premier League · 25 minutes ago –55′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 1-to-1

Much better than the free-kick from Kevin de Bruyne will not be seen quickly. The Belgian player shooting the ball is absolutely beautiful inside! The Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa has absolutely no chance. Nevertheless, it is not titelfeest in Liverpool this evening?A 25-minute geledenPremier League · 27 minutes ago

Liverpool tonight was indeed the champion is, then you can use this fan, it’s not in my front yard at twilight. That is all the way full.Premier League · 31 minutes and geleden48′ is painful in the beginning of the second half, the Chelsea player Andreas Christensen. He gets the ball, hard in the face, and needs to be dealt with.Premier League · 32 minutes geledenLiverpool player Dejan Lovren has stuck on Twitter.

45 min


AuteurDejan lovrenMoment of plaatsen22:12 – June 25, 2020Premier League · 34 minutes geleden46, ” We’re back in action! About three quarters of an hour we will know if the Liverpool champion.Premier League · 34 minutes geledenEen encouraging statistic for all those, Liverpool is a warm heart and is committed to Manchester City and will excel this season in comebacks. The team was six-time and leave them at peace. Only one of those six times did the team eventually allowed them to win.

7 – Manchester City find themselves behind at half-time and for the seventh time in the @premierleague this season, two more times than in the previous two campaigns combined, the Citizens have managed to win only one of the previous six so far this term (D1, L4). Champagne? #CHEMCI


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen22:06 am – 25 June, 202034 minutes geledenPremier League · 37 minutes geledenDe key figures in the peace and quiet;

Pique: From Chelsea, A 36% Manchester City 64%

Shots (on target): Chelsea, 7 (3), Manchester City 6 (1)Premier League one day ago

Resting at Stamford Bridge!

In Liverpool, they are in the first national championship in thirty years of smelling it, because Chelsea is 1-0 against Manchester City. As well as the visitors get the second half with a minimum of two times the score, then Liverpool is on facebook.The Premier League one day ago

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson frustrated to be firmly on the still in strong position, of which he himself is not much to do. In the background, celebrates the end Pulisic to his birthday party.Premier League-four-hour geleden38′ my god, there it was Mahrez (Manchester City) has a good chance to win the 1-to-1. He will do the same with the left, and the objective of Kepa.Premier League-four hours ago,36′ GOAL in Chelsea! 1-0

Party time in London and Liverpool. Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) takes advantage of the more losing the ball and rushes towards the target and Manchester City. Eye-to-eye with Ederson, he keeps a cool head.the one-hour geledenPremier League · one hour geleden32′ He is at Manchester City is very good! Chelsea are sniffing at the openingsgoal. The first is Ross Barkley a proposal from Them to Mount very close to the 1-0, but his shot from a tough angle by Fernandinho blocked. A minute later, the headline Film is dangerous, but Ederson saves the day.The Premier League one day ago

The owner of this house is in the centre of Liverpool has been prepared for kampioensfeestje. Provisionally, he or she will be the same, for example, with the current intermediate result (0-0) is in Liverpool, by the virtual master.Premier League-four-hour geleden27, ” There it is, Chelsea are dangerous from the time. Ross Barkley may be out, but the ball will disappear by Fernandinho on the back line. In the corner, and delivers anywhere in the world.Premier League-four-hour geleden23 in England, it’s warm, and so the players in the middle of the first half of an drinkpauze.The Premier League one day ago

17, ” We are more than a quarter of an hour on the road, and we’ll be able to have the first real chance for Manchester City to record. Fernandinho blasts it in from a good angle to free kick from Riyad Mahrez in the direction of the goal, but Kepa (Chelsea) saves the day handsome.the one-hour geledenLa League one day ago

Own a one-goal lead to defeat in Valencia
In Valencia, there are, tonight, filling in laagvlieger Eibar, do this at home with a 1-0 win thanks to an own goal by Geoffrey Kondogbia. The team at Jasper Cillessen and ended the match even with ten men, as defender Eliaquim Mangala close to the time of his second yellow card it received.Premier League-four-hour geledenDeze Liverpool fan is confident in his team tonight, the champion will be. As he rode just past Stamford Bridge.

This Liverpool fan has just cycled matches, Stamford Bridge, 😂
📻 Listen:
🖥️ As Follow: #bbcfootball


AuteurMatch of the DayMoment of plaatsen21:24 – 25 June 2020Premier League one day ago

9′ Manchester City will begin the game as a manager, Josep Guardiola would like to see: a lot of the ball and push it forward. The team’s move from Chelsea permanent in the side, but the real opportunity has not yet passed.Premier League · 2-hour geledenVoorafgaand at the kick-off they made, they made, and the arbitrator’s award, team with a statement with ‘Black Lives Matter’movement, and she kneeling all the while.


Before kicking off, both sides and the match officials will take a “knee” in support of #BlackLivesMatter #CHEMCI


AuteurChelsea FC at 🏡)Time plaatsen21:18 – June 25, 2020Premier League · 2 hours ago there is1 ” is to get The ball rolling for Chelsea and Manchester City. It Is Liverpool, and tonight was the national championship, or are The Reds still have a week to wait?Premier League · 2 hours ago

During the Premier League match Burnley-Watford players are desperate to cool off.Premier League · 2-hour geledenChelsea decided in 2016, and already, in a similar way to the title. The home team were helping when when when when the sensation of Leicester City to lend a hand with 2-2 right to play against the champions league holders. The ‘Right’ could be Acceptable due to the point loss do not have more catching up to do.Premier League · 2 hours ago

Over at Stamford Bridge, where tonight may be the title in the champions League final will be decided. If Manchester City fail to win at Chelsea will be celebrating Liverpool’s first title in 30 (!) years of age.Premier League · 2 hours ago

Arsenal are booking for the first time since the coronabreak
Arsenal will know at last what a win is. The team from North London, knew, ever since the coronabreak have not yet decided to book, but it was a Thursday night with a 2-0 of Southampton. It was not until the third uitzege of the team this season. The latter ended the match with ten men following a red card to Jack’s Window. Edward Nketiah, Joe Willock make up for the goals. In the other duel, at 19: 00 started, Burnley-Watford, ended in a 1-0 victory for Burnley. Jay Rodriguez took over an hour and fifteen minutes before the time for the only goal. Erik and Peter, fell in the ten minutes before the end.Premier League · 2 hours ago –87′ GOAL to Arsenal! 0 to 2

It’s going to really happen, Arsenal will be the first time since the coronabreak books. The team comes in at 2-0 thanks to a goal by Joe Willock, who put the rebound from a free-kick to remember. The free kick was given to Arsenal after a breach of the Jack Stephens on Aubameyang. The defender pulled on the emergency break when The attacker has run away, after a poor back-pass. Stephen was, thus, justified a red.Premier League · 2-hour geledenWe make it to the main menu of this goal: Chelsea and Manchester City. Does the City of the titelkans is still alive, or is tonight a party in Liverpool? If Manchester City don’t win it, then it is the team’s Virgil van Dijk, and Georginio Wijnaldum, tonight, without having to play in games.


Kepa; Azpilicueta, He, Christensen, Alonso; Kant, Mt, Barkley; William, Pulisic, Giroud.

Manchester City: Ederson; Walker, Fernandinho, He, Mendy; Gundogan, Rodri; Mahrez, De Bruyne, Look No Further Than The; Growth.Premier League · 3 hours ago

Chelsea, may be Liverpool, now, the title will help
Chelsea may be out tonight titelrace in England to decide for it without that it is part of who kampioensstrijd. As for the London-based club tonight, to ensure that Manchester City don’t win it, then Liverpool tonight without having to play in games. To win The department of foreign affairs’, then to Liverpool the following week, with the chance to win the title on his own strength to get: you will be playing on the team, namely, an away game against a club from Manchester, united kingdom.Premier League · 3-hour geleden46 The second half started in the uk Southampton, Arsenal and Burnley-Watford.La Liga · 3 hours geledenHet more awkward own goal is scored by Valencia player Kondogbia in the picture. The Frenchman, who will not be happy to see we will take it.

Aii… own goal from Valencia, spain! 😬
Eibar is coming in with a 1-0 lead due to an own goal from Kondogbia 👀
#EIBVAL #LaLiga #ZiggoSport


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen19:53 – 25 June 2020Premier League · 3-hour geledenHet is now the rest of the two matches in the Premier League.

  • Recline positions:
  • Southampton-Arsenal 0-1
  • Burnley-Watford A 0-0

La Liga · 3 hours ago –17′ GOAL in Eibar! 1-0

Jasper Cillessen must have been after more than a quarter of an hour to score a goal to collect due to a mistake by his team-mate Geoffrey Kondogbia. The Frenchman, who tries to hit the ball out of the penalty area and shot, but he hit the ball completely wrong, and it is such an own goal.La Liga · 3 hours ago

2 Now roll the ball in Spain, Valencia is on a visit to Eibar. In Valencia city is, of course Jasper Cillessen in the base.Premier League · 3 hours ago –20′ GOAL Scored! From 0 to 1

It was not long before the huge miss by Aubameyang will be ‘The North’ but it’s on the edge, on a visit to Southampton. Edward Nketiah benefits on behalf of the home team, from a mistake in defence from the home side and slide it in.Premier League · 4-hour geleden11′ Bar! It was here that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the one race in the service of their need to event it with a goal. The striker will be released to the keeper, but it hits the aluminum.Premier League · 4 hours ago

1′ Kick-off!
The European voetbalavondje has started two games in the Premier League: Southampton-Arsenal and Burnley-Watford.Premier League · 4-hour geledenEen great moment for the Arsenal striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who will play his one-hundredth game in the service of The Gunners’ play.

⚡️ A A B A A A 1 0 0 ⚡️


AuteurArsenalMoment of plaatsen18:40 pm – 25 June, 2020Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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