Jacques Vermeire in a new Q3 movie

b108184fd2691479ad4e067f6542a4a9 - Jacques Vermeire in a new Q3 movie

The following month, to start the production of the new Q3 movie, and this work is already in progress. Wednesday was also the Jacques Vermeire go to work. There were talks with the Studio 100, and after that there was comedy to be present. “Today was the first day in the Studio 100 is at a safe distance, he wrote to Jacques on Instagram.

Following on from the success of the first film, Hanne, short history, and Klaasje, given Q3, this autumn, next movie: K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs. The shooting of the new film next month and will start by making a few creative adjustments, all the coronamaatregelen can be observed. K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs will appear at the end of this year and into the room. The original film, Q3, Love to Cruise, and could count on more than 300.000 people from Flanders and the Netherlands.

Hanne: “I am very happy that there is another movie coming! The pictures of the K3, Love to Cruise, we have very good memories.”