Conservatory of music FR us. Drama Luca School of Arts in the finals of a Campus Cup

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After 23 episodes, are the two finalists for the Campus Cup is well-known. And two things are for sure: The sequel to ‘Rights’ and Ghent university-is a university of applied sciences, and is the winner of the second season of the Campus Cup is an artist’s training.

Thursday night, we finally got to see what higher education for the brightest students. In the final, taking in the Conservatory, FR (HU) on the education problem of the Country School of the Arts, which is also known as the old You. It remains in the Cup this season, in Ghent (HOGENT), or moving the cup in Leuven (LUCA)?

In the last semi-final on Wednesday, June 24, posted the “Drama” to qualify for the final at the expense of the students of Mathematics, UAntwerpen.

‘Mathematics’, started strongly in the semi-finals. After the first two rounds and was in the spotlight for the benefit of the students live in Antwerp, belgium. In the third round, Oral interview ” managed to block Jonathan from the Drama that is behind to get a draw. In a most exciting and ‘Group work’ wipten of the students in Mathematics is’ about ‘Drama’, and they took an additional exemption in the final to go.

The dream of the UAntwerpen for the first time in the final of the Campus Cup, and to reach it, it was about breaking a bat. The students in Drama, writing like a steamroller through to the final 5-0 after 5 questions, and matchpunt’ to question 6.

‘Mathematics is’ about even for a while, but it’s killerinstinct of the “Drama” was low to begin with. With a dry, 6-1 and steam them in the final of the Campus Cup.