Sean Dhondt suggests a new job for One

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Sean Dhondt cultivates, has been a dream to have in his / her own name in music to release. His part in ‘Love of Music came at just the right time. His versions of “gce-o’, ‘Live’ and ‘As and when’ were all hits. And now it’s time to go live with the new songs.

The tv and radio show host, is first and foremost a musician. Long before his career in Brussel, was Sean, the drummer, and later the front man for the poppunk band Nailpin. Successful concert tours at home and abroad followed, as well as on the main stage of the Rock Werchter festival. In 2015, he is the front man of the Maneuvers, and scored with the hit ‘My Love’ is a place in the line-up of Pukkelpop.