Rotahoeve Frank Vfan Erum Open-Air

88b43c3201d1cbd5bd927c7d0f518663 - Rotahoeve Frank Vfan Erum Open-Air

In these difficult times, Corona, measures, compares, Frank Van Erum, with the Rotahoeve his neck out to give artists opportunities to play gigs and to give up. “The public has to be long enough to sit inside for a bit of culture,” thought the actor. And good for him. The crowd was enthusiastic, that they will go to the great location and Situated may,.
Of course, Corona-proof, with all the action. You can enjoy it in the courtyard of the Rotahoeve in your own bubble and just a few metres away from the next bulb, operation table and so on.

Anyone who is in the line-up?
July 10, Gene Thomas
July 11, She Of the Hill
August 7, Wim Soutaer
On August 14, Barbara X
August 21, Luc Steeno
August 28, Gunther Neefs