Kim Clijsters takes a radical decision

Kim Clijsters takes a radical decision

Fans of Kim Clijsters will complain. The tennis player, from his mother’s and her bags to the pack. Along with her husband and children, the former number one in the world will have to deal with in United States of america.

It was the mayor of Elizabeth Van Der Auwera Encouraged by the news on Radio 2 said. ”She told me last week about a phone call. That means a lot to her and to her family. However, I’ve promised to take her here She is going to continue to support it, and we’re going to continue to cheer. We hope that they will still have much to achieve in her career.”

And so, Kim’s hair and to keep the packing in. In the event of relocation, it would be possible to make a new contract for her husband, Brian Lynch. The rumours are going round that his contract with the NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets would have to sign.

Or the removal of kim Clijsters at the U.S. finally, it is hard to say.