Jo Vally is planned for next month

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Jo Vally performs every Saturday night is online for his fans around the world. Due to the many emails he has received, he has begun to “on-line experience,” said the singer to the magazine at the Beginning. This saved as much as he has neither money nor effort. With the technical assistance of Joost, he was in a few days, fresh with the setup of a small recording studio. The singer’s got himself a smartphone, he used it as a camera, allowing the music to the viewers at home as well-received as well, it would sound like on a cd-rom. There are reportedly two of the lines at Jo’s in, one for music and one for voice, and what a unique sound, makes. In donderdavond may-Jo’s fans to request songs that have special meanings. This takes, according to Jo Vally all the time, because he might still need to go to one of the old songs, of which he was the music bands are slayer. Jo is both the director and technical assistance as the program leader of his own program on Saturday nights. “It is a live-on-tape, and the music is in the bands, but I can sing so!” replied the lead singer is still with them.

The lead singer of Meise is going to be that, appearances to continue to do so, however, from the beginning of July, he will go out in the garden on his desk, and mini-concerts. Since then celebrations of up to 200 people to organise, as long as you have the afstandsregels respects he came up with this particular idea. In Jo’s case, this means that he has about 20 people to invite. However, he is still to figure out how he is going to put into place. Jo could play on the balcony, while the guests will be able to watch and learn. He hopes that he will, especially in warm weather. As of next month, Jo Vally a few regular gigs to be able to do it, now we have the measures, however, are more flexible.