Dorien Reynaert particular policy of the government

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Dorien Reynaert we all know as the star of The Buurtpolitie and their Families. Dorien is as an artist and as a businesswoman running a company is twice as hard to be affected by the lock. They denounce the policies of the government.

“Our industry is really quite harshly treated it. While just about all of the different sectors to be restarted, or at least have a start date in the prospect to us, we will continue to the last, with no hope for a speedy recovery,” bear witness, Dorien Reynaert is in the Story.

The interpreter has to understand that public health is the priority, but as the borders open again, there must be at least something for their area.

“Of course, there should be no return to the mass events, with tens of thousands of people during the summer, but it is not the only perspective available to work on small-scale initiatives, such as neighbourhood celebrations, and braderijen. But that is not allowed” sounds like it’s not satisfied with Dorien Reynaert.