Pictures movie, “The Family Clause’ start with the heat

Pictures movie, "The Family Clause' start with the heat

After a few months of forced work in it, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, on the set of the first Flemish movie, The Family Clause. It has been since the middle of June, as the first Flemish movie set in after the appointment, quarantine, and the work can be resumed.

That, coupled with the necessary precautions, speaks for itself. The virus is in the set, is not likely to give up a lot of the arrangements made for the cast and crew are no need to worry.

“Due to the stationary Corona wire protocol, we can take the necessary measures to make the production of safe-to-order. Our actors are to be tested, so we don’t need to use in this scenario. We also have a smart hercasting done acteurskoppels, such as Frances Lefebure, and Boris Van Severen. On top of this, the crew, surgical masks, and be the hands and the material to be decontaminated,” did the producers of Anthony Van Biervliet, Reuben Vandenborre know about it.