Laura Tesoro, “No gigs, no festivals …”

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Over the last few weeks, organized by the Red Nose Day, and by the Flemish government, the Instagram of Live sessions, ” How is it?’. Thousands of people have had their voice been heard through the survey and in the live sessions, later Of Stone, and Sam Carter. The last one is live on Wednesday the 24th of June at 17 o’clock via Instagram from the Red Nose Day is a Laura Tesoro is ready to talk with young people about how they are going to. She is looking forward to the summer, and it will answer all the questions about loneliness and the holidays. And to do that they are not alone, as every week, to slide, there is also a lot of well-known people, influencers and experts to participate, such as, Remco Evenepoel. He is special for Red Nose Day-time to be included in the interaction with the young people and answering their questions.

Laura Tesoro, “We are on the cusp of the holiday season. The stress that the young people faced were due to the lack of clarity around the school and in their exams, but not going to lie. But in the summer… that’s what this time means something different for everyone. No gigs, no festivals, and a summer that we will not soon be forgotten… all the more reason to make this last live session for Red Nose Day, or even really the word to all the young people, answering their questions and trying to get to everyone as much as possible ‘passion’ for the summer, to them!”

Remco Evenepoel, Popular, Robert, Steffi Merci, and Nour & Fatima to answer the questions of young people
While Instagram Live session, there is also a 20-year-old, highly talented, Remco Evenepoel, Deceuninck-Quick-Step, and to be ready to answer questions from young people, to answer your question. If topwielrenner it is just to learn to cope with stress and uncertainty. He reports on Wednesday’s opinion by the young people. And, also, to Sarah Ball was a psychologist, and gedragstherapeute for children and young people from the University of Ghent and is in a standby state in order to provide specific advice to give you. The focus is on loneliness and how young people are valuable to make contact with family and friends.