Kim Debrie has a heart condition

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The Radio 2 presenter, Kim Debrie due to corona, its the season of ‘Plage Préférée in the water, but as of next week, the presents they Fool a Lot of Us from the studio in Brussels, belgium. It’s going to be different but just as fun are promised for the show. In the past few months, Kim also has a lot of time in the local subway and she enjoyed some quality time with her family. Her daughter, Noah, 9, has a overbezorgde mom, and it has a lot to do with the fact that Kim, himself, is a congenital heart defect and has. Her own mom was overly protective, and that overbezorgdheid got, Kim, the mother from within. “I have a VSD, a hole in the septum of the ventricles. A lot of a heart murmur, so to say. As a child, to have my heart examined with a catheter through my groin into my heart and soul. If they have the other side of the door between the two chambers was discovered,” says Kim this week at All. “Normally, I, at the age of twelve have an operation to undergo. However, I have been lucky enough to have my aortic valve due to growing up 99.8 per cent, it is going to shut down. As a result, the leakage between the two chambers is at a minimum.”