Isolde Lasoen get into politics: ‘I’m tired’

Isolde Lasoen get into politics: 'I'm tired'

On Wednesday, there will be a new National Security council. The culture and the people and activities connected to it, hope to be there on Wednesday for them to do a good news is coming. Action is now possible, but only with a limited number of people and a lot of safeguards in place. For a lot of artists will take care of the coronamaatregelen, and in the meantime for more than three months prior to that, there is very little money coming in, and that weighs heavily.

Also, Isolde Lasoen hope that there is clarity, and out of the political arena. “I’m sick and tired of the cultural sector, as well as to be ignored. Or am I getting it wrong? That is, there would have been consulted on how to proceed? We are allowed to be on airplanes, crawl on our faces at 30 cm from each other, fun things on the crowded terraces, and dine at the full, tend to be small restaurants, and go shopping together and sweating during your workout, but will soon be back to go for a swim,.. Here are, however, a protective mask, and there are no protective mask..”, Isolde Lasoen see very little logic in the decisions of the last few weeks have been taken up.