Vacations by Sabine Hagedoren in the water

06d0cbfd7615ea806c49369f82adde38 - Vacations by Sabine Hagedoren in the water

Sabine Hagedoren looking forward to the summer of 2020. For the first few years she would have three weeks of vacation, due to the introduction of the additional purchase, there is a Bram Verbruggen.

Our woman for the first time in her life for a long time in advance, on a holiday booked, but the plan falls through, the corona virus is now in the water.

“I have had the journey that I have taken my children all over Italy started to be cancelled,” said Sabine Hagedoren in The Newspaper’s Magazine.

“In italy, we will, therefore, had better be forgotten. How much I was looking forward to three weeks away. what are we to do so, it is still a big question mark,” said the woman. “I think we’re just the day in advance, going to have to decide, if the weather is good. There are plenty of places in Belgium where I still am. And, maybe, we would have to cross the border, in the direction of France, or the Netherlands,” said Sabine Hagedoren.