Two-part documentary in Telefacts Summer

d159045a5383698370f8d3573f437921 - Two-part documentary in Telefacts Summer

Larger, more expensive, more exclusive. It is fit for the Seven Seas Explorer, most expensive cruise ship, which is currently the world’s oceans bevaart. For the first time, there should be camera’s on-board, the most expensive cruise ship in the world. On the deck of a cruise ship, have a lovely holiday-like atmosphere, but in the interior, there is stress. Telefacts is going on behind the scenes at the best and most luxurious cruise ship in the world, with the two-part series on Telefacts the Summer on Tuesday, June 23, at 21.40, and Thursday, June 25, at 21.10 on channel VTM.

The Seven Seas Explorer, is more than just a cruise, it is a floating village. An all-inclusive stay can easily cost 70,000 euros, and the money does not even have a seat at the Regent’s Suite. With its 410 square feet, the suite is approximately six times greater than that of an average Uk home. On board of the vessel there is 900 pounds of lobster, 8 pounds of caviar, and an almost uncountable number of bottles of Champagne. But all of that wealth is the money worth it? And what is the outcome of their exclusive journey.

Telefacts Zomer, on Tuesday at 21.40, and on Thursday at 21.10 on tv.