Emotional farewell for Eva Daeleman

836de4c2c20f85fa6bcac7d044f9a2c8 - Emotional farewell for Eva Daeleman

It was a Sunday to be an emotional day for Eva Daeleman. Coming from Ostend, and went to Malines, where Eva, in 2017 and in her own yoga studio opened. It was a natural step in the life of a former CHARITY show.
“Today, I went to the door at the back with all the power yogaparadijs, Mechelen, behind me, very close. In 2017, I started from the dream to as many people as possible in an easily accessible way to get acquainted with the healing powers of yoga. It started out as a passieproject, but soon after, I became an entrepreneur, I have brought a group of teachers of a group of 10 people and every week 100s of people on the floor to be at home with itself,” wrote Eva Daeleman Sunday night on Instagram.

Sunday, he gave the Eva Daeleman will officially pass the torch and pulled the door of the Studio, Silent for the last time behind her back. “I have so many wonderful people to meet, to learning, I’ll tell you, my pear, and in view also of the great actions. Proud to be in the hands of Karen, full of enthusiasm, and yogaliefde from the heart to the heart. whatever it was, it’s hard not to hug today!!!”