Sunday, Hadiemicha the Summer on the BASEMENT TV

de105413e9b3c23ab669088d0ab48367 - Sunday, Hadiemicha the Summer on the BASEMENT TV

Sunday evening, June 21st, at 21 hours, will begin with a somewhat special edition of the Hadiemicha the Summer on the BASEMENT TV. Micha Marah puts it after so many years, and the Touch of Joy together. At the end of 1994, there was the group of a Taste of Joy, a year later, and the Touch of Joy, it was because there was already a Canadian band had the same name. The band, consisting of Sergio and Sandy, he was sometimes referred to as The “Beauty and The Beast” as well. Touch of Joy-it was a very well-known when at any given time, Sergio Quisquater is a quality tv-picture was as a presenter and a participant, as a panelist on the television shows. At regular intervals, they remained partnerships until the year 2003. In the meantime timmerden both the Former, as hurricane Sandy Boets a year’s time. Both of them took part in the Eurovision song Contest. Hurricane Sandy did just that in 2004, under the name Xandee.

Unfortunately, the last couple of years, down has been made with the health of the Season, while The only just one album released with songs from past to present, from his extensive repertoire.