Parents, Margot Hallemans, in a panic,

Parents, Margot Hallemans, in a panic,

Margot Hallemans it will be Hanne in the Family can sometimes be a tough place. The violent images of the very pregnant, Hanne, who vastgesnoerd on the bed with her kidnapper, Tony (Jeroen Van) on the retina and memory. And that’s pretty confronting, even for the parents of the killer.

Margots mom couldn’t respect, and begs for daddy to Wim at All. “Just a few years ago, she was really worried as they are photo’s of my daughter in the hospital and saw the…”

“When we were in France, when Margot, in a funny way some of the photos from the intensive care unit and sent. My wife turned down all the way in a panic and went straight to the house, but as my previous one. In the last picture, it said, ” This isn’t real.’” Says the 73-year-old father of Margot Hallemans.

“My character was paralysed due to being hit in an accident. I found those scenes even more difficult to play than the hostage-taking now,” added Margot to be there for yourself ready for this.