Karrewiet will remain on the screen during the summer

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The summer months are in front of the door. In keeping with tradition, Karrewiet during the summer to post all of the Ketnetters by the informed about what is out there in the us and in the world. New this year is that the Karrewiet with Karrewiet Zomert, not only digitally, but also in television shows during the holidays.

Karrewiet is available year-round for the kids. The coronacrisis has once again demonstrated how important evidence and information that children have. The news never stops, and, therefore, it would Karrewiet in the summer, not only online but also on television, in the Ketnetters a daily basis with information. And that’s going to Karrewiet to do with the Karrewiet Zomert. Karrewiet Zomert to do during the summer holidays, so both the digital and television shows. Karrewiet-reporters, Green, and Mariam (mary):